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Apostle E. Uche Nyeche is a native of Port Harcourt, in Nigeria; founder of The Bible Church of His Will global. In his travels, Apostle Nyeche had the opportunity to travel to Greece to pursue his education but most of all to identify with those places that Apostle Paul once was a part of. He has a Diploma in Greek from University of Athens, Greece; B. A. in Political Science / Psychology from the University of La Verne, C. A; and M. A. in Theology and Ministry, from Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, C. A. Apostle Nyeche is a preacher, teacher and an Author.

The office of Apostleship is an office and title not conferred on man by another man, but by God. Apostles operate in the five-fold ministry gifts. Apostle Nyeche has had the blessed privilege of being a part of God’s miraculous healing, supernatural angelic appearances and numerous spiritual visions. 


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